We long for authentic connection within. To feel and move through life without defending ourselves against emotional hurt. To relax and let go of our experiences that have turned into beliefs that harden our hearts.

We long for authentic connection with others. We sense the depth of trust with others is informed by how deep we are able to be with and accept ourselves.

We see we are trapped in our head, in our thoughts about life. We think about what we feel, instead of experiencing life directly. Our self-protective mechanisms may be ruling our lives or at the least they are diminishing our life’s juicyness. Seeing this is powerful and yet it doesn’t mean we can release it. For that, we need to attend within, directly in our body and feelings.

For many of us, there is a tight energy behind  our heart center, in between our shoulder blades. The back of our neck and large muscles of the upper back can contract to protect us. Our muscles are tight and we may also have a sense of an energetic shield. Do you actually need this right now? Sometimes we can notice and it softens. Other times it is more persistent and pervasive. We can’t fully relax and open our heart center when this contracted energy is present.

This guided heartfelt practice is a gentle exploration of the heart center and the space all around it.


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