As we heal from trauma, we develop strength and resilience. Our mind and system settles and we become calmer.

We now know that we can’t emotionally self-regulate on our own. We co-regulate, which means we need to be around people who are well regulated themselves for our brain to develop this way. Most of us didn’t have this enough as children.

We have to admit our modern culture is very stressful. Time and financial pressure, moving away from the support of extended families, childhood trauma, anxiety and depression, addiction, social media and screens, global catastrophe – these profoundly affect our lives.

We need a strong mind to cope with the intensity and there are ways to support ourselves in this.

Some of the habits in our mind, like judging and shaming ourselves, are actually symptoms of unhealed trauma and core deficiency beliefs. We are triggered by other people because it is reflecting these back to us. We need to safely connect within, to know ourselves and become our own friend. This friendliness within also transforms our relationships with others.

Basics of a healthy mind in everyday life:


Healthy breathing

Good nutrition, exercise, sleep

Connected relationships

Volunteer, give of yourself

Reduce inputs that cause stress and increase inputs that build resilience

Healthy Mind in Everyday Life
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