Who would you be if you’d grown up in a
healthy, happy home and felt protected and loved?

Abuse and emotional neglect are each experienced as survival level threats to a child. We hold our breath. Hide out by being good. Lash out or numb out. Threat triggers our fight/flight/freeze mechanism.

Our brains are literally shaped by our experience throughout life. When we are protected and loved, our systems relax. We experience peace, trust, and joy. We know we belong. When we feel afraid or experience disturbing events, our defense mechanisms kick into gear and we become hypervigilant, scanning for danger. We feel this in our whole system: body, breath, and mind.

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These are effective, simple practices to calm and heal your nervous system. You can do them on the fly and as a regular practice. Check here for the full list or try these through the links below.

Relax Your Forehead and Let Go of Worry

Box Breathing Quick Reset

Two Minute Relaxation with Breath

Six Second Exhalation for Relaxation Response

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Nervous System Relaxation and Inquiry