These are emergency practices, for when you are afraid or beginning to panic. They help reset your nervous system.

Box Breathing  Click for guided practice.

Exhale 4 seconds, hold your breath 4 seconds, inhale 4 seconds, hold your breath 4 seconds. If that’s too long, make the count shorter the first two times then lengthen.

Breathe out at least six seconds

Sing, hum, talk in longer sentences, extended exhalation breathing practices. Exhaling at least six seconds activates your relaxation response.

Read out loud

Read the text on this page or something else out loud.


Hold your own hand, rub your hands together, put 1 or both hands on your heart, feel the warmth.

Shake the tree

Stand up and vigorously shake your hands, arms, shoulders, legs, hips. Flick it off the ends of your fingers.

Throw it down

Stand with your arms above your head, fists clenched. Exhale forcefully while you throw your hands down and open your fingers. Throw the energy out of your body and into the ground.

Hug a safe person or animal, call a friend

Go out into nature

5 4 3 2 1 Senses: Notice and say each out loud

5  LOOK: Look around for 5 things that you can see or 5 things a specific color.
4  FEEL: Notice 4 things that you can feel, like your warm skin, soft shirt.
3  LISTEN: Listen for 3 sounds.
2  SMELL: Say two things you can smell or name your 2 favorite smells.
1  TASTE: Say one thing you can taste or your favorite thing to taste.

Relax Your Forehead and Let Go of Worry

Standing Down for 3 Minutes

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