Alice had a powerful experience with shame at Christmas. Watch here


“If I die before you, will you write my eulogy?”

So began a text I received from Alice in the summer of 2017. Alice continued her plea for understanding:

“Please explain to my family what happened to my body, mind and spirit when I was kidnapped and was rejected by them, my own family. I have picked myself up over and over and I am exhausted. Tell them that please.

They have suffered too, but they were held when they were babies, and they were never attacked by a schizophrenic criminal twice their size, nearly strangled to death, and finally empowered to fight like a superhuman when the sick man was trying to rip off their pants. They were never fugitives in the sub freezing winter with no shoes or jacket. They never almost froze to death, then somehow rose out of a roadside ditch to survive, only to be hatefully rejected by the family, haunted by terrifying memories, and judged by everyone for not handling life well. I have been trying to heal myself for decades.  Tell them how hard I have worked to recover.”

This is Alice’s story as I have come to know her over the last four years.

Read Alice’s story  Warning: there are descriptions of violence.


In 2005, I lived across the river from downtown Calgary in Canada. I loved riding my bicycle to work, even in the winter. One cold November morning I was cycling on the beautiful pathway along the Bow River when I was physically assaulted. It came out of nowhere, a man running up the river bank.

Read Lynn’s story   Warning: there are descriptions of violence.

Alice’s Fund

I support people in healing their entire body/mind system. Abuse and neglect cause a disconnection from ourselves and the present moment. We dissociate. We cope through addiction in many forms. In the last ten years, we have learned so much.

I use Scott Kiloby’s Living Inquiries and my yoga meditation training. These and other methods help people stay with the energy and sensations in their body and release memories of trauma out of their system. 

“In addition to absence of threat, we need to feel known and
connected with other human beings.”  Dr. Gabor Mate, MD

I know what it is to be affected by childhood trauma, have PTSD, and I know how to heal the nervous system. Alice is highly creative, intelligent, and with the courage of a survivor. I know there are many others like her who need our compassion and our help.

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Money raised will be reported through Alice’s Fund in the Canadian non-profit, Stillpoint Trauma Society. Lynn Fraser will continue to work with Alice pro bono. Funds raised will be used for certified practitioners with proven track records in trauma healing.


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