Last weekend 13 women met at Reconnect and Fall in Love With Ourselves, a healing trauma workshop retreat in a gorgeous old growth Acadian forest at Windhorse Farm. The forecasted showers didn’t happen and we had warm sunshine through the weekend.

We had ample time for resting and being outdoors. The beauty and stillness of nature is deeply connecting and healing. 


This flowering crab apple tree was mesmerizing, with the brilliance of the flowers and movement of dozens of bees from nearby hives.

During our time together, we had some education components and inquiry about trauma, core deficiency beliefs, resilience, shame, strength, authenticity and compassion.


Our working definition of trauma: “The effect of trauma is that we disconnect from ourselves, our sense of value and from the present moment.” Trauma expert Dr Gabor Maté MD

Safe, reliable connection with parents, a teacher or other caregiver is crucial for the development of a healthy brain and regulated nervous system. Many of us had less than optimal conditions as children and work with this as adults. We practiced tools like box breathing, tapping for catastrophic thoughts, relaxing the forehead along with worry, and we had several guided deep relaxations each day. We inquired into thoughts and sensations and we worked with welcoming the feelings in our bodies.

On Friday evening, people admitted to some dread and anxiety about the weekend. What would come up? Fun isn’t the first thing we think of at a healing trauma retreat yet that was there too. Deep connection within and with each other. There was deep sadness. Insight. We are evidence based systems and our experiences affect the development of our brains and nervous system. There are reasons why we protect ourselves and escape as we all do. It is possible to understand and heal. It is workable. What a relief!

This was the first semi-annual Reconnect and Fall in Love With Yourself retreat. Please email if you are interested in upcoming retreats and sign up for my Friday newsletter to keep in touch.

Find Your Stillpoint: I am working with a small group of 6 to 8 people in an intensive six month program from October to March. We begin at Windhorse Farm for a 5 day retreat October 9 to 14 . Click here for details.

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Healing Trauma Retreat
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