We are all in this together. Our experience of the same event is very different, and is impacted by how close we are to the event (loss of an acquaintance, loss of a partner), our identities and relative position of power, emotional and other supports available to us, our nervous system strength and resilience, and many other factors.

Illustration by Barbara Kelley

“We are not all in the same boat.
We are all in the same storm.
Some of us are on super-yachts.
Some have just the one oar.”
Damian Barr. Illustration Barbara Kelley

We tend to respond to challenges with our time tested defense strategies of fight/ flight/ freeze/ fawn. When we are used to being shamed, judged and feeling we are on our own to cope, it is common to turn against others and even ourselves. This is one way we are conditioned into patterns of intergenerational trauma. Some of us were ridiculed or shamed when we shared feelings. We lived in an emotional desert where we no one acknowledged what was happening under the surface, or we were afraid to name it.

Did your family and community pull together to make it through storms? Do you have rituals (formal or informal) for grieving? For understanding and handling hard things? Did you have someone to turn to when something bad happened to you personally?

Our early life experiences of connection / disconnection, support/ isolation, feel/ suppress, co-regulate together/ dysregulate together continue to shape our adult lives.

It is relatively simple to understand how trauma works and how to heal. Having a supportive community who can relate to us helps. We need a place to take a deep breath and share our authentic truth. This month we’ll explore:

  • Intergenerational trauma and resilience
  • Covid-19 fear, loss and grief
  • Cultivating a common sense of belonging in difficult times
  • Cultivating LovingKindness for all of us

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