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Guided practices by chapter


Guided Practice: Let Go of Worry

Part One: Thoughts and Feelings

Chapter 1: How Thought Works

Chapter 2: Working With Thoughts

Three Tools To Work With Intrusive Thoughts



Focus Wide Angle and Narrow Lens

Guided Practice Inquiry: Public Speaking

Guided Inquiry Practice: Direct Perception and Presence

Chapter 3: Feelings, Sensations and Energy

Guided Practice: Body Scan

Guided Inquiry: I’m Free To Fully Know Myself 

Guided Regulating Practice: Emotional Flashbacks Into Present Moment

Chapter 4: Troubling Thought Patterns

Chapter 5: Destructive Intrusive Thoughts

Chapter 6: Friends With Our Younger Self

Part Two: In The World 

Chapter 7: Kindness and Truth

Chapter 8: Challenges

Chapter 9: Social Media and News

Chapter 10: Injustice and Systemic Oppression

Chapter 11: Relationships

Chapter 12: Caring For Ourselves

Guided practices by title

Emergency Practices

Guided Practice: Emotional Flashbacks Into Present Moment

Guided practices on anger playlist

Guided Inquiry Practice: Grief and Anger

Guided Inquiry: What Does My Heart Know That I Might Know?

Guided Inquiry: Soothing Our Child’s Nervous System

Guided Inquiry: Supporting our child’s nervous system

Guided Inquiry: I Know My Body

Guided Inquiry: I Know My Heart

Guided Inquiry: Valuing My Body

Guided Practice: Alternate Nostril Breathing

Inquiry: I Can’t Control or Predict the Future

Inquiry: Your Life Without Shame

Inquiry Practice: I Love My Body

Guided Inquiry: I Accept My Body

Guided Inquiry: Kindness, Truth and an Open Heart

Guided Inquiry: Opposite Sides of the Vaccine Fence

Guided Inquiry: Disappointed in relationships

Inquiry: Appreciative Joy

Playlist: Tools for Healing



Focus Wide Angle and Narrow Lens

Locate and Describe

Mining Energy