How do we move about in the world when the fear abates? When the drive to compete disappears? When we validate and value ourselves internally?

We can accomplish a lot driven by fear. And what a price we pay!

Fire at my heels! Driven by fear! 

Sit for a few minutes and notice your response to these words. Stay in the perspective of the observer. Remain in touch with your whole body and with your breath.

Notice thoughts. What are the words or pictures, memories and associations? Feel the sensations or energetic response in your body. Sit with that as long as you like, using tapping or tracing if things are intense or sticky. Notice the space all around the energy.

Now bring to mind a time when fear is largely resolved and you are not driven by reactivity and hypervigilance, by external validation, by shame and manipulation. You know yourself and think well of yourself. You understand the mechanisms and “how we work”. You are kind and compassionate with yourself. Stay with that and vividly imagine scenes as this is now your reality.

What motivates you now? With fear gone, what inspires you to move into action? Bring your attention to your heart center. Place a hand on your heart and feel the comforting warmth. What does your heart know?

What is your experience? I would love to hear from you!
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Fire at my heels
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