What is this moment like from someone else’s eyes? There are so many ways we can work with this idea of shifting our perspective.

I’m feeling hot and tired while waiting at a checkout. I finally get near the front of the line and the person ahead of me is crabbing at the person running the groceries through. I momentarily shift my perspective to standing on the other side of the counter. What does she see? Hear? Feel? Think?

I’m sitting talking with family and someone brings up politics. My chest tightens as I reflexively protect myself from what I know is coming. I’ve been dreading this visit because this often comes up. As I look around at these people I love, I wonder “what is this moment like for them? What are they feeling right now?”

Watch this video then give yourself a few minutes to experience a moment from someone else’s point of view. When we tune in, we can tell a lot about what someone else is feeling based on their body language and the expression on their face as well as what they are saying.

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