In the fall of 2021, we are moving into a different phase with the global Covid-19 pandemic. Our experience is highly dependent on where we live and our personal circumstances. Do you live in a pro or anti vaccination area? Are vaccines available if you want them? Do you have the type of job where you can work from home or do you have to be around people at work? How exposed to risk are your family and close relationships? Our general health and stress also play a significant role.

We are all dealing with heightened sense of risk since early 2021, knowing that an airborne virus can be unknowingly passed to us on someone’s breath. Our usual supports, like social interaction, exercise at the gym, and travel were not available. Many people turned to less healthy supports, like food, alcohol and other drugs to cope with the fear and isolation.

On this page are a number of resources and supports specific to helping us manage our nervous systems during Covid-19.

Covid-19 Facebook support group for family and friends

First, anything that helps us regulate our nervous system will help during Covid. Try these Emergency Practices for when you are afraid or beginning to panic. They can also break the trance of catastrophic thinking.

This YouTube Playlist Corona Covid-19 Virus Help. It includes relaxations like Respite from Covid Anxiety and guided inquiries like Opposites Sides of the Vaccine Fence.

Hear from Gabor Maté, Rick Hanson, Scott Kiloby, James Gordon, Joan Tollifson, Nkem Ndefo, Pete Walker, Nikki Myers and more!

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