What is your experience with Lynn? If you were to recommend her, what would you want others to know about working with her?

We always appreciate testimonials. If you would like to offer one, please email LynnFraserStillpoint@gmail.com. You could write what you like or answer some of the questions below.

What is your overall feeling about your connection with Lynn?

How often do you interact with Lynn? Do you come to our free online daily practices most days? Do you participate in Sunday community classes or a small women’s healing trauma group? Do you work privately with her?

What was your situation before you connected with Lynn, and how did we help you?

What were you hesitant about before engaging with Lynn? Has that changed? If so, what helped you overcome your hesitation?

What is a specific experience you had with us that you were happy with?

What are three benefits you have received from being connected with Lynn that you value the most?

What would you tell a family member or friend about our Lynn and the Stillpoint community?

What’s the #1 reason you would recommend us to a friend, family member, etc.?

Is there anything else you would like people to know about connecting with Lynn?

Is this for Lynn only or is it okay to share with others? If it is for sharing, how would you us to attribute your testimonial? Some options are to be anonymous, use initials and country (LF Canada) or use your full name. It is entirely up to you.

Do you have any suggestions for Lynn that would make things easier or more meaningful for you? What would like her to include in future programs?

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