I have been thinking about community all week. Our January groups and classes began last week and we had several “first” meetings, beginning with our Sunday classes on Trust and Connection. Thanks to Daniela at Yoga Farm, we have lovely new community members and connections. Two small women’s healing trauma groups and the six month Find Your Stillpoint group met. In the midst of this very difficult week of Covid and political upheaval, we come together and we say our truth and we feel included and understood. It is a powerful blessing to be in community.

There are some prerequisites to belonging. One is that we belong to ourselves. We are friendly with ourselves and on our own side. We understand our nervous system and we feel safe enough to connect with others. We need to find or create opportunities to come out of the defense and relative safety of isolation and into connection. Much of this is driven by our primitive brain, evidence from past experiences and our longing for meaning. It’s complicated, true. And there are paths to healing.

The wisdom and joy offered in these interviews fills me with warmth and love. I hope you enjoy these clips and join us to watch the full interviews this weekend!

The Radical Recovery Summit is hosted by the Kiloby Center for Recovery and is free to watch January 8 to 17th here. Take us up on the invitation! I would love to hear about your experiences with the interviews. What did you learn? What touched you? Email me lynnfraserstillpoint@gmail.com.

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Connection and Community
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