“We’re looking at a lot of traumatized people who are finding a political outlet for their mistrust and anger. The issue acts as a flashpoint.” Dr Gabor Maté

This week in our Sunday class, we are inquiring into the pressure to go “back to normal” at schools and work. When we are looking into the polarization between people who are against vaccinations for Covid and people who are in favor of vaccines, I am not looking to shame anyone. I understand that some people, including in our online community, are vaccine hesitant, or they are choosing to not be vaccinated for their own reasons. I respect that and them.

The inquiry in this week’s class centers on people who believe Covid is a conspiracy, and the belief that their freedom to not vaccinate and not mask takes priority over health care and safety for the wider community.

I don’t have an answer to “fix this”. None of us do. We hate feeling powerless to respond to the life and death threat of Covid, the abrupt ripping away 18 months ago of “normal life”, and the challenges of living in a global pandemic in which people are polarized and not able to consistently access and live from “our best selves”.

Shaming ourselves and others for our nervous system responses makes this worse and can create a permanent breach in our relationships. And we feel an urgency because an individual’s thinking and action on vaccination affects everyone. This is high stakes. Our nervous systems are on red alert.

As much as we can, it helps to cultivate staying present, connected and open hearted. At some point, for most people, the fear will recede, the veil will lift, and perhaps we can welcome each other back. Join us Sunday at 10AM Eastern for this free community class, inquiry and discussion.

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Connecting With the “Other Side”
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