The thing we’ve been avoiding all this time through addictions is just our own system wanting to warn us or protect us. When we have the direct experience of that, everything becomes workable.

Most of us don’t want to be present when we have intense or uncomfortable energy or feelings in our body. There is a natural inclination to turn away, distract ourselves or immerse ourselves in an addictive substance or activity.

Confidence comes only with direct experience. There is nothing we have to avoid anymore. With intense energy, we ask “is that energy here to hurt me?” When we inquire, we see it isn’t here to hurt us. It is safe to attend to it and even welcome it as we get to know ourselves on such a deeper level.

This is a short clip from my interview in the upcoming Radical Recovery Summit hosted by the Kiloby Center. Click here to sign up to watch free.


Confidence to Stay Present With Energy
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