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Ordinary trauma arises from the pain of human life. We didn’t fit in at school. Our mom was depressed. Our parents worked all the time or fought a lot. We had a serious childhood illness, or a sibling did, or a best friend moved away, and so on. 

Many of us don’t know we are scared, hurt or only just coping, because these feelings are the water we have always swum in. We don’t know we have ordinary trauma, or that we are living with core beliefs of unworthiness. What we don’t know and can’t afford to feel, we can’t heal.

We process collective fear and grief on top of our own individual pain. In this time of Covid, it is more urgent than ever to settle our nervous system, and to cultivate kindness for ourselves and others. When we look at life through a trauma lens, it becomes easier to understand the intensity of people’s actions and beliefs, and to have compassion. When life is challenging we can lose access to our higher level brain just when we most need it.

“Trauma is not what happens to us. Trauma is what happens inside of us as a result of what happens to us. The effect of trauma is that we disconnect from ourselves, our sense of value, and the present moment.” Dr Gabor Mate

Friday to Sunday 4 to 5:30PM Pacific, 7PM Eastern. Cost $70.
Each session includes a talk, resource materials, guided practice and time to share your experience and ask questions. 

I suggest reading my free ebook prior to the workshop. Sign up at the top right of this page. Healing Trauma, the Stillpoint Method

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