Do you wish people joy and happiness? Are you whole-heartedly happy when you hear of other people’s good fortune? When someone has a baby, we are happy for them. We know their joy and wish them well. Bring to mind times when you do feel genuinely happy for people.

Yoga psychology has many practices that are remedies for negative emotions. Jealousy can be difficult to work with because it is often based on our own core deficiency stories and beliefs. Even with people we care about, we might wish them well but still wonder why we don’t have that in our own life. We might compare ourselves to them and think “Why does she have a happy relationship and I don’t. What’s wrong with me?”

What if the bully at work wins the lottery? What do we feel when someone’s good fortune doesn’t feel deserved in some way? We can feel justified for not wishing them well.

And do you appreciate your own blessings without reservation?

As always with inquiry, there are no right or wrong answers. We are simply looking. Kindness and compassion for ourselves are the key to freedom.

Appreciative Joy
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