Lane Ledoux, Stillpoint Method Certified Guide

Lynn Fraser’s Stillpoint Method of Healing Trauma changed my life.

If you want to understand your own Fight/ Flight/ Freeze/ Fawn reactions, find relief from your own inner critic, investigate, as Oprah says not “What’s wrong with you?” but “What happened to you?” I believe you have come to the right place.

Lane lives in Leamington, Ontario, five minutes from Point Pelee National Park on the north shore of Lake Erie. She received a B.A. from the University of Windsor. A certified Prana-Vidya Yoga Teacher, she shares this passion with seniors through Leamington’s Half Century Club. Having completed a two year intensive training, she is now a Stillpoint Method Certified Guide.

Lane had been seeking relief from a difficult childhood since her mid-thirties. While married and working outside the home she sought psychologists, counsellors, and mentors. Talk therapy laid the groundwork for Lynn Fraser’s Healing Trauma, The Stillpoint Method. Trauma, experience too intense to be processed in real time, is stored in the body. Slowly, gently, safely exploring that experience as an adult allows trauma to be processed. It no longer drives reaction, but allows time and space for reasoned response.

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The Parking Lot Incident

Each interaction is a classroom.

I was driving in a parking lot and my passenger said: “They want out.”

One benefit of having seen my core deficiency beliefs clearly, those powerful, unconscious drivers of reactivity, is the automatic lessening of people-pleasing behavior. I did not look around the parking lot trying to figure out which car he meant, anxiously asking “Where?”

I just said: “What does that mean?” and kept driving. He said, “They’re trying to turn.” Again, I said, “What does that mean?” “I guess that means get out of the way.” By then the parking lot had cleared.

I’m pleased my behavior has changed.

His behavior: he’s in a car with me, more worried about a stranger he thinks I’m inconveniencing than he is about me, my discomfort, my well-being. Today, having completed Lynn’s Find Your Stillpoint program, that doesn’t work for me.

Part of the freedom that comes from Stillpoint work is the ability to see what’s happening in real time and to respond to it appropriately. A great relief.

My passenger is doing this inquiry work. After we talked about it, he realized that putting pressure on me with his concern for a stranger was “really screwed up.”

Regardless of his response, it’s wonderful to be able to understand what happened, speak about it calmly, move away from those who can’t see yet, and move carefully, slowly toward those who can.