I want to hear you. I believe you. I will listen.

We exile parts of ourselves that are not acceptable or that feel too overwhelming to let in. They are the shame and core deficiency beliefs.  Now, we are here to let go of everything that is in the way of knowing our own authentic self. That is an immense undertaking and commitment to ourselves.

It is natural to have some trepidation. The trauma stored in our body with associated memories was overwhelming at the time. That is why we suppressed it. Now as a grown-up, we return with adult brain development, a basic understanding of trauma responses, and our adult financial and personal resources. We are all capable of healing.

We see the immense cost of not being present with ourselves and are no longer willing to live a half-life. We want to fully experience our lives. This is the invitation. This is what brings us back to this work, to the delight and wonder, the relaxation and peace we begin to feel in all the cells of our body. We experience being fully present with ourselves. 

This is not a light-hearted practice. We are not dabbling. This is deep work. We welcome our thoughts, sensations and energy. It is a huge undertaking to connect, to actually live in our bodies, to stay in our body when we are tempted to escape into an addiction or dissociation, and to kindly and patiently welcome ourselves back when we return.

This work is like a road map to take us to an internal capacity to welcome and invite everything in. We are sending out a call to all of the parts that we have excluded, suppressed, pushed away or just could not be present with.

We are not asking for them to come all at once and deluge us and knock us off our feet.  We are saying I am willing. I am calling you in. I want to know your experience and what you believe. 

I want to hear you. I believe you. I will listen. 

I can feel you in the energy and feelings in my body. 

The experiences I have turned away from are part of my life! 

I am willing to let it in. I will do my best to stay present. 

Notice if there is some energy or a sense of an exile that is coming forward. It might be firmly stepping up or be hesitant. Notice the energy and the space all around it. Give it a full-hearted welcome in a calm soothing voice and by staying grounded in your body. 

Listen to the words, beliefs and anything this exile wants to tell you. Sit with it for ten or fifteen minutes. Give it lots of time to come forward now and with the reassurance that you are developing a long term friendship with this part of yourself. You will return again and again to listen and connect.

Stay grounded in your body and breath as you listen and pay attention. If your mind wanders off, bring it back. We really want to include anything that has not felt quite welcome. Maybe we have shamed ourselves and now we see clearly there is no shame. There is an innocence. A wanting to be safe. A strategy perhaps. 

Rest in the clarity and compassion of your authentic self. Notice if you are judging what is here or have a sense that something should not be here or should be different. 

When we stay present, we notice if there is any numbing or dissociation or our breath has changed. We might feel anxious. Stop for a moment and refocus on your experience right now in your body.

Continue the practice, noting what comes up. Return to this welcoming inquiry many times with clear intention – I really do need and want to know my whole experience.

A Welcome Home Call to All My Exiled Parts
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