We have moved through the longest night, the December winter solstice and now add a few minutes of light each day. The cold here this time of year combined with the small incremental change in daylight hides this from view. Usually sometime in February I tune in to how much longer the days are and appreciate the warmth of the sun on my face when I’m outdoors.

When I began meditating, I was appalled by the clamor of thought every time I sat to practice. My neck and shoulders were like cement blocks. I didn’t know then about the effects of trauma or the term dissociation but I can see now I was checked out of my body most of the time. It took years of consistent practice to relax my body and become friends with my mind.

Eight or nine months after I began meditating, I made a minor mistake and called myself an idiot. It stopped me in my tracks. I realized in that moment that it had been several months since I had heard that nasty voice in my mind. Wow!

As I write this 26 years later, I can track the big changes, yet they all began with a daily practice of relaxing my body, smooth even diaphragmatic breath, and working with my mind. In my Himalayan Yoga Meditation Tradition, there is a comprehensive holistic system of philosophy of Consciousness and of daily life, psychology, and yoga. Kindness, compassion and awakening. Patience, Presence and connection.

I feel rich in gratitude and purpose. I know and love myself unconditionally and I have the privilege to support others in their process of enlightenment.

Blessings of joy and connection to all in 2019!

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A New Year
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