Settle into a comfortable position. Shavasana is a classic relaxation pose – where you lie on your back with your arms and legs a comfortable distance apart. 

Become aware of your body from head to toes and the space your body is occupying. Do you have an image of your body? Sometimes it’s a white shape on a black background or black on white. Notice the boundaries, the edges of the shape. It is body sized.

Bring your attention to what is happening within this space your body is occupying. Close your eyes or soften your gaze. Tune in to your sense perceptions: the air on your skin or the warmth of your clothes, and sounds in the room. 

We have proprioception – we know without looking how our body is placed in space. We know where the back of our body is in contact with a chair or other furniture. We can bring our attention to the palms of our hands and notice they have a different felt sense than the back of our hands or our elbows. 

What else is happening in this space the body is occupying? We might have a sense of hunger in our stomach or feel the wetness in our mouth. We can sense the air moving through our nostrils and if we pay attention to that, we notice the coolness of the breath as it comes in from outside and the warmth of the exhalation after it has been in our lungs. We might notice we’re holding our breath or it is shallow or jerky or that there is an ease in our breath as we relax. These are all physical body sensations. 

We also have a subtle body, a field of energy. You might notice the back of your neck is tense and your shoulders are up around your ears. That’s physical. Relax those muscles and notice if energy remains. We might have a sense of a shield to protect us. We might even have an image of a protective barrier. This energy isn’t exactly physical although it occurs in the same location.

Bring to mind someone you love or a special place in nature. Notice the images and feel that energy in your heart center. In this situation it is common to feel a warmth or light in the heart center. Fear is often experienced as a contraction in our gut. When we’re holding back words, we clench our teeth. 

Our bodies are alive with sensation, feelings and energy. We respond to situations and thoughts with sensation in our body. We hold our breath. We tighten our shoulders. It is all one system. 

Blue Star and Yoga Nidra practices work directly with energy. We learn more about our beliefs and nervous system through these practices and we heal through bringing calm and ease into the field of energy that is our bodymind. 

Try this guided practice and explore this fascinating world.

A Field of Energy
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