Radical Recovery 4 Sundays beginning November 5th

How do you define recovery for yourself? It is more than abstinence from what you use to avoid and manage underlying pain and trauma. This is a rich course covering a lot of ground from healing and releasing trauma to supporting resilience and growth. You will learn to use the Compulsion Inquiry to see ghost images and work with the urge to use as it arises.

Sundays beginning November 5    Details here



Radical Recovery is now monthly! Register here to watch free.
October 27: Mindfulness and Long Term Recovery, a panel discussion with the Kiloby Center Aftercare Team

November: Intervention 911, Ken Seeley

December: Using Mindfulness to Stay Clean and Sober Through the Holidays, Scott Kiloby



Friends With Your Mind, How To Stop Torturing Yourself With Your Thoughts.

Thought is a stimulus-response system. Most of us have suffered with intrusive, catastrophic thoughts when we are stressed. Past trauma is stored in our body as energy velcroed to thought. Core deficiency beliefs of unworthiness may be triggered by people and events around us.

Read the book and companion Practices! book on Amazon (ebook or print).


Transparency, with guest Anna Pittman

Sunday November 5th  2pm Eastern for 90 minutes

Transparency  is a group experience that allows you to claim your space, discover worthiness, peace and presence – together. We will learn a  dialogue process that enables you to feel connected and engage with present moment awareness, without blame or judgment, about the very things that often create a disconnect.

We learn how to listen to the body before asking for needs, as well as the role of longing, and how to validate, reassure and acknowledge from your heart. This workshop is offered free of charge. Please email [email protected] for the link to join us.



Silence Retreat December 1

December 1st 2015 was the first of our daily online practices. I am now offering a 24 hour online silence retreat to commemorate this beginning and the continuity of two years of daily practice.

We begin at 6PM Eastern Friday December 1st and conclude at 6PM Eastern Saturday December 2nd. You are welcome to participate in whatever way works for you. We will begin together with meditation and move into silence. We meet for gentle yoga, breathing, relaxations. We’ll have breaks for mindful walking in nature, sleeping, and deep rest.

Please email [email protected] to let me know you are interested and I will be sure you have all the details.