Radical Recovery Summit

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December 15: Using Mindfulness to Stay Clean and Sober Through the Holidays, Scott Kiloby

2018: Dr Jamie Marich  Joan Tollifson  Dr Gabor Maté Dr Bob Weathers



Meditation a way out and inKind and Authentic 2018

Join me for an in-depth experience of letting go of harshness and self-judgment. Neuroscience backs up the value of gratitude and appreciation, of focusing on joy and kindness.

Set the tone for 2018 with these special four weeks of radical self-care.

Our 4 weeks of 90 minute classes begin Sunday January 7th at 11AM Eastern. Details here.


Friends With Your Mind available on AmazonFriends With Your Mind, How To Stop Torturing Yourself With Your Thoughts.

Thought is a stimulus-response system. Most of us have suffered with intrusive, catastrophic thoughts when we are stressed. Or perhaps you can’t sleep or have social anxiety.

 4 week classes will resume early in 2018

Read the book and companion Practices! book on Amazon.


2 in-person retreats in 2018

Healing Trauma With The Living Inquiries

Two in-person retreats in Canada in 2018

Victoria BC at Krishnamurti Center May 19 to 21

Halifax Nova Scotia at Windhorse Farm May 25 to 27