Core Deficiency Beliefs: There is something really wrong with me!  We know in our conscious mind that we count. We have evidence to support that. Yet there could be a lingering unease, an unconscious belief that holds us back.

The focus for our Sunday classes in September is on revealing and releasing the incorrect core deficiency beliefs we formed in childhood. I’m unlovable. I’m not worthy. I’m not very smart. I’m disgusting. Learn more here.



Radical Recovery Summit


Radical Recovery monthly! Register here to watch free.

San Patrignano Italian Recovery Community

Recovery Takes Time

August 24 to 26



It Didn’t Start With Me
12 week online course

There is a complex web of interactions around our own experience as a child, our relationship with our parents when we were  children and as adults, and, if we are parents, the experiences of our children, both as children and as adults. Some weeks will be a class with a short presentation, guided inquiry and sharing.These will alternate with group meetings focused on sharing and supporting each other.

We begin Sunday June 3, 11am Eastern. Recordings and resources posted each week. Details and sign up here.

Friends With Your Mind available on Amazon

Friends With Your Mind, How To Stop Torturing Yourself With Your Thoughts.

Thought is a stimulus-response system. Most of us have suffered with intrusive, catastrophic thoughts when we are stressed. Or perhaps you can’t sleep or have social anxiety.

Read the book and companion Practices! book on Amazon.