New Monthly Program

Mindfulness, Self-compassion and Healing Trauma Monthly Program

Each month I highlight one component of understanding and healing trauma and guide you in a related meditation: easing fear based catastrophic thinking and the internal critic; when the developmental needs of children are unmet; anxiety and depression; awareness; emotional regulation; how our primitive brain sees protection and what we actually need now; relationships; and the positive psychology of gratitude, creativity, strength and aligning with our purpose in life.

Join the program at any time and opt out when you like. The price for 12 monthly sessions is $99 US paid annually or $12 individually. We meet the 1st Sunday each month at 2PM Eastern beginning April 7th. Experience the freedom of healing. Sign up today.

Healing Trauma Women’s Weekly Class
8 Sundays Begins May 5

Our feelings and thoughts are not here to hurt us. Pain and tightness can be a signal to attend to ourselves. Learn and practice tools to calm and strengthen your nervous system and to develop resilience and emotional self-regulation.

Practices through our time together lead to the direct experience that it is safe to welcome it all. We have effective tools to inquire into the memories and associations from our past. This reduces the drive of our compulsive avoidance strategies and addictions. (Maximum class size 9)
Register soon and email to set up a time to talk and discover whether this is right for you.

Starts Sunday May 5 at 12:30PM Eastern Full Details Here

Strong Resilient Mind
8 Sundays 11am Eastern Starts May 12th

We need a strong mind to cope with the intensity of modern life. There are ways to foster this. As we heal from trauma, we develop strength and resilience. Our mind and system settles and we become calmer.
We can’t emotionally self-regulate on our own. Humans co-regulate, which means we need to be around people who are well regulated themselves for our brain to develop this way. Most of us didn’t have this enough as children. Our lives are very stressful! Full Details

Retreat Reconnect With Yourself retreat Nova Scotia

Women’s healing trauma retreat with Lynn Fraser
September 27 to 29, 2019 at Windhorse Farm Nova Scotia

Many experiences happen in our early life where we disconnect from ourselves, from our sense of value, and from the present moment. We develop patterns and ways of coping that lead to feelings of unhappiness. Our nervous system is activated and overwhelmed and we don’t know how to come down from that. 

This weekend we learn and practice tools to calm and strengthen your nervous system and to develop resilience and emotional self-regulation. You will also have time to do yoga, reflect and walk in nature. Full Details

Find Your Stillpoint

Lynn Fraser’s 6 month deep transformation program

Do you have trouble sleeping because of worry?
Do you make plans for better self-care only to have them all fall apart under the stress of daily life?
Are you sick of comparing yourself to that mental list of how you “should be”?
Do you say yes when you would like to say no? Maybe you feel trapped in a toxic relationship or someone you love demands your help yet again.
Does your mind torture you with what-ifs and catastrophic thoughts?

Do you wonder when all this personal work will pay off and you’ll be free? If you can relate, keep reading! Then email to set up a time to talk privately with Lynn about the possibilities for you.