Welcome to our monthly Community Workshop. We cover a range of topics in an online group workshop format on a Sunday at 12 noon Eastern (New York) UTC-5. The Living Inquiries and Natural Rest are at the core and complemented by meditation and neuroscience. Each meeting includes a presentation, group discussion, Q&A and guided practices.  Learn how to attend workshops free

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Friends With Your Mind
How To Stop Torturing Yourself With Your Thoughts.

Thought is a stimulus-response system. Most of us have suffered with intrusive, catastrophic thoughts when we are stressed. Past trauma is stored in our body as energy velcroed to thought. Core deficiency beliefs of unworthiness may be triggered by people and events around us.

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New 4 week Friends With Your Mind course begins Wednesday September 13th. Register here 



Calming Your Nervous System, Sunday September 17
Are you stressed and anxious? Feel hijacked and hyper-vigilant? Our nervous systems evolved to protect us from threats like tigers and sudden danger. Chronic stress and tension are more the norm in modern life. Understand an overview of 21st century research on brain plasticity, neuroception and neural networks. Learn simple, profound 5,000 year old yoga and meditation practices that work with the vagus nerve and how we need to exhale for six seconds to initiate our body’s built-in relaxation response. This workshop is rich with practices and skills to take into daily life.

Cost $20 US.

Watch free! Scott Kiloby and guests September 23rd noon Eastern
September 23 and 24th online interviews all day
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Radical Recovery 4 Sundays beginning October 15th

How do you define recovery for yourself? It is more than abstinence from what you use to avoid and manage underlying pain and trauma. This is a rich course covering a lot of ground from healing and releasing trauma to supporting resilience and growth. You will learn to use the Compulsion Inquiry to see ghost images and work with the urge to use as it arises.

A Living Inquiries Deepening Course is an opportunity to explore deeply over 4 weekly group meetings with an option for six private facilitated Living Inquiries sessions.  Sundays October 15, 22, 29 and November 5

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