Trauma. Post Traumatic Stress. PTSD. Resilience. Post Traumatic Growth. Crisis or shock trauma. Chronic, long-term trauma. Developmental Trauma refers to the effect on children of abuse and neglect. Adverse Childhood Experiences Score (ACES).

These are words we hear these days. Brain science and research is developing quickly. Dr Martin Seligman is a pioneer in the new field of positive psychology and has done remarkable work around resilience and recovery from traumatic events, teaming up with the US military. Through the work of leading trauma experts like Dr Peter Levine and Dr Bessel van der Kolk, we know that trauma can be understood in the mind and has to be healed through the body.

Dr Peter Levine defines trauma as dysregulation in the nervous system. We have all experienced this in many ways. Relatively less intense, short term traumatic events are fairly easily resolved. The intense effects of life threatening experiences and chronic, long term abuse and neglect have a more lasting impact on our nervous system and lives.

Our built-in aversion to pain is part of our fight/flight/freeze response and is beneficial as a short term response to threatening experiences. One way flight works is to suppress the feelings of overwhelming situations. These then become stored in our body as energy that are associated with the traumatic event. We are naturally reluctant to “go there”. Avoiding these feelings can take the form of overemphasis on thought (living from the neck up) and are often at the root of avoidance and addictions.

You can free yourself and heal from the residual effects of hurt and trauma. Lynn Fraser and Fiona Murphy are offering a weekend retreat/workshop of exploration and healing. Lynn is a meditation and yoga teacher and a Senior Facilitator of Scott Kiloby’s Living Inquiries. Fiona is an experienced therapist, counsellor and also a Certified Living Inquiries Facilitator. Lynn experienced PTSD after an assault in 2005 and has healed through yoga meditation and Living Inquiry. In her role as an MSW (Masters in Social Work), Fiona helps and supports clients in her practice. Fiona and Lynn are both experienced and have calm, reassuring presence. This is the ideal support for healing trauma.

Safety IS the treatment. In this experiential workshop, we do practices to begin and deepen trust in yourself and nurture authentic kindness and compassion within.  We cover the essentials of “how it works” so you understand your body, feelings, nervous system, shame, judgment and the essential role of social trust. You will strengthen your capacity to see through and release identification with experiences that commonly lead to core deficiency beliefs of unworthiness, unlovability – that feeling like there is something basically wrong with you. The Living Inquiries allow us to freeze-frame and look directly and safely at what is driving fear and anxiety. Associations of thought/memory velcroed with energy are seen and released.

Yoga is a complementary practice for healing trauma. We breathe and inhabit our bodies. You can begin with gentle yoga and relaxation under the trees each morning.  This workshop is based on the principles of healing our whole system with yoga, inquiry, mindfulness and meditation integrated with current medical science of trauma, recovery and resilience.

This weekend retreat/workshop is Friday July 21 through Sunday July 23rd at the beautiful Krishnamurti Center on the Pacific Ocean near Victoria BC.

Email for details – or Call Fiona 250-727-1654


Healing Trauma Retreat
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